Eunice Choi
DrawingPaintingSculptureMixed Media
Artist Statement

My studio work focuses on the idea of a fantasy world that inverts reality. I use an interdisciplinary approach to simultaneously think and problem solve both two- and three-dimensionally; incorporating painting, drawing and sculpture. Through these various media, I develop a unique visual language of forms, shapes, colors, and texture.

Using sculptures and photographed images as source material, I create environments and creatures that are both familiar and alien at the same time. My interest in creating a fantasy world derives from adapting to two contrary cultures and surroundings. I was born and raised in Korea, and then have spent the years living in Midwest and East Coast in United States. Over the years I have sought out spaces of intersection between these two cultures and have found habitual comfort in their commonalities.

Through my artwork I question what would happen if we ignored common expectations and if we broke the rules of the “known” physical world. I explore unique interpretations of the landscape of alternate realities. Furthermore, I attempt to spark a dialogue between nature and human-made culture, and to question our reliance upon habitual comforts. I am continually amazed at how quickly we as humans can adapt to new situations, and think about this pattern within nature and the animal world.