Eunice Choi
Artist Statement

My studio work focuses on the idea of a fantasy world that inverts reality. The development of my visual language of forms, shapes, colors, and texture is the result of working back and forth in different mediums such as drawing, painting, and sculpture. This interdisciplinary approach allows me to simultaneously think and problem solve both two- and three-dimensionally.

Using sculptures and photographed images, I create environments and creatures that are simultaneously familiar and alien. My interest in conjuring this fantasy world derives from adapting to two different cultures and seeking habitual comfort in their commonalities. This led me to explore unique interpretations of the landscape of alternate realities by questioning what would happen if we ignored common expectations and broke the rules of the “known” physical world. While truly unique and fanciful, the forms that I create interact with their surroundings in a way that evokes a traditional figure-ground relationship. Through the amusing and disturbing qualities present in the work, I attempt to spark a dialogue between nature and human-made culture, and to question our reliance upon habitual comforts.